Labor in the Age of Finance

Author: Sanford M. Jacoby

Sanford Jacoby catalogs the array of allies and finance-based tactics labor deployed to stanch membership losses in the private sector. By leveraging pension capital, unions restructured corporate governance around issues like executive pay and accountability…

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In this important and readable book, Sanford Jacoby traces the rise, fall, and possible rejuvenation of American unions.

Barry EichengreenUniversity of California, Berkeley

Jacoby tells a fascinating and important story about how labor unions found themselves espousing shareholder primacy at the turn of the twenty-first century. Anyone who is interested in the history of unions or corporate governance will want to read this book.

Margaret M. BlairVanderbilt University

Jacoby’s remarkably insightful analysis will henceforth be essential to any understanding of labor’s twenty-first-century cause.

Nelson LichtensteinUniversity of California, Santa Barbara