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A Century of Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations to Human Resources and Beyond: The Evolving Process of Employee Relations Management, Kaufman, B.E., Beaumont, R.A. and Helfgott, R.B. (Eds.), 2003.

American Exceptionalism Revisited: The Importance of Management

Jacoby, ed., Masters to Managers: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on American Employers, Columbia Univ. Press, 1991

Are Career Jobs Headed for Extinction? and Reply: Premature Reports of Demise

California Management Review, 42, 1, 123-145 and 168-179, Fall 1999.

Corporate Governance and Employees in the United States

33-58, in Corporate Governance and Labour Management, Gospel, H. and Pendleton, A. (Eds.), Oxford University Press, 2005.

Corporate Governance and Society

Challenge, 48, 4, 69-87, July-August 2005.

Corporate Governance in Comparative Perspective: Prospects for Convergence

Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 22, 1, 5-32, Fall 2000.

Corporate Organization in Japan and the United States: Is There Evidence of Convergence?

Social Science Japan Journal, 8, 1, 43-67, 2005, with Nason, E. and Saguchi, K.

Economic Ideas and the Labor Market: Origins of the Anglo-American Model and Prospects for Global Diffusion

Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 25, 1, 43-78, Fall 2003.

Employee Attitude Surveys in Historical Perspective

Industrial Relations, 27, 1, 74-93, Winter 1988.  

Employee Attitude Testing at Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1938-1960

Business History Review, 60, 602-632, Winter 1986.

Employee Representation and Corporate Governance: A Missing Link

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, 3, 3, 449-489, Spring 2001.

Employer Preferences for Long-Term Union Contracts

Journal of Labor Research, Summer 1984, with Mitchell, D.J.B

Employers and The Welfare State: The Role of Marion B. Folsom

The Journal of American History, 80, 2, 525-556, September 1993.

Employment Duration and Industrial Labor Mobility in the United States, 1880-1980

The Journal of Economic History, 52, 1, 161-179, March 1992, with Sharma, S.

Enterprise Unions in the United States

Industrial Relations, 31, 1, 137-158, Winter 1992.

Executive Pay and Labor’s Shares: Unions and Corporate Governance from Enron to Dodd-Frank

Accounting, Economics, and Law: A Convivium, February 2020.

Foreign Investors and Corporate Governance in Japan: The Case of CalPERS

Corporate Governance and Managerial Reform in Japan, Whittaker, D. H. and Deakin, S. (Eds.), Oxford University Press, 2010.

History and the Business School

Labour History, 98, 207-212, May 2010.

Industrial Labor Mobility in Historical Perspective

Industrial Relations, 22, 2, 261-282, Spring 1983.

Japan Meets the Sharing Economy: Contending Frames

T. Altura, K. Hashimoto, K. Kanai, and K. Saguchi, Social Science Japan Journal, 2021.

Labor and Finance in the United States

The Embedded Firm: Corporate Governance, Labor, and Finance Capitalism, Cynthia Williams and Peer Zumbansen (Eds.). Cambridge Univ. Press 2011.

Management Attitudes Toward Two-Tier Pay Plans

221-237, Journal of Labor Research, VII, 3, Summer 1986, with Mitchell, D.J.B.

Measurement of Compensation: Union and Nonunion

Industrial Relations, 27, 2, 215-231, Spring 1988, with Mitchell, D.J.B.

Pacific Ties: Industrial Relations and Employment Systems in Japan and the United States Since 1900

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Progressive Discipline in American Industry: Its Origins, Development, and Consequences

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Reckoning with Company Unions: The Case of Thompson Products, 1934-1964

Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 43, 1, 19-40, October 1989.  

Return of the Repressed: Will the Coronavirus Bring a Great Transformation to America

Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 41, 2021.

Risk and the Labor Market: Societal Past as Economic Prologue

31-60, Sourcebook of Labor Markets: Evolving Structures and Processes, Berg, I. and Kalleberg, A.L. (Eds.), Plenum Publishers, 2001.

Shareholder Primacy and Labor

Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal,forthcoming 2023.

Social Dimensions of Global Economic Integration

The Workers of Nations: Industrial Relations in a Global Economy, Oxford University Press, 1995.

Social Science in Europe, Japan, and the United States

Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 23, 3, 819-828, 2002.

Sticky Stories: Economic Explanations of Employment and Wage Rigidity

American Economic Review, 80, 2, 33-37, May 1990, with Mitchell, D.J.B.

The Development of Cost-of-Living Escalators in the United States

Labor History, 28, 4, 515-533, Fall 1987.

The Development of Internal Labor Markets in American Manufacturing Firms

23-69, in Internal Labor Markets, Osterman, P. (Ed.), MIT Press, 1984.

The Duration of Indefinite Employment Contracts in the United States and England: An Historical Analysis

Comparative Labor Law, V, 85-128, Winter 1982.

The Effect of Employer Networks on Workplace Innovation and Training

Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 56, 2, 203-223, January 2003 with Erickson, C.L.

The New Institutionalism: What Can It Learn from the Old?

Industrial Relations, 29, 2, 316-340, Spring 1990.

The Origins of Internal Labor Markets in Japan

Industrial Relations, 18, 2, 184-196, Spring 1979.

The Role of the Senior HR Executive in Japan and the United States: Employment Relations, Corporate Governance, and Values

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Union-Management Cooperation in the United States During the Second World War

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Union-Management Cooperation in the United States: Lessons from the 1920s

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Unnatural Extinction: The Rise and Fall of the Independent Local Union

Industrial Relations, 40, 3, 377-404, 2001.